💪On Your Talent, Overcoming Failures and Being Specific💪

Happy 5-2-1 Impact Thursday!

Here are 5 high performance insights I've learnt, 2 quotes from others, and 1 conversation starter/ question to think about this week.

🔸5 High Performance INSIGHTS🔸


You HAVE a talent

If your first thought is… do I? That means you have not discovered it yet… and… that's OK!

What is not okay is if you stop aggressively finding that talent. Discovering what you are good at could be the difference between living a mediocre life and living YOUR BEST LIFE.

So what must you do?

The answer is… Experiment… as much as possible too! Do new things. Learn new stuff, Experience new cultures. Say yes even if it seems scary, then ask yourself whether you have enjoyed the experience and if you think you can be good at it.

Embrace this period of learning. You are writing chapters of your own story and the beauty is… You can dictate how the story goes.


Be critical, be honest

A foundation built on lies is like a house of cards. Sure… it draws you in and it looks oh so alluring and enchanting but come too close and something as a simple as a breathe you take can cause it all to come tumbling…

I'm sure you have heard the story of the 3 little pigs.

Honesty and truth is like building a house of bricks. The progress could be slow and arduous, but not even the strongest winds can knock it down. And then eventually… a fully built house can provide shelter to people who need it.

Be honest with yourself and you will begin to see your failure and faults. But at the same time your strengths and talents… and then figuring out the path to your unique happiness is only a matter of time.


Your character is simply a resume of overcame failures

Here's a perspective for you to consider. Every time you fail, your character resume becomes richer.

And the question begets… “What's more important? Building a nice CV or building a nice life?”. If the answer is the latter, then every failure is an incredible opportunity for you to learn and breakthrough.

Think about all your favourite movies and imagine if the characters in it didn't fail at some point. Wouldn't make a very good story would it?

Often times, people are too fixated on their self-worth being determined by how well they are performing instead of the odds they have overcame.


“Problems” is actually a currency

There is saying that goes… “If I have a dollar for every problem that I faced… I would be rich.”

Here's a different way to think about it… “If there is an opportunity in every problem… then everyday, you are given multiple opportunities… How very fortunate! Blessed is the man with problems!”


 …on slowing down.

Try to smell a coffee by breathing in quickly. Was there an aroma? Put a piece of salmon belly in your mouth and immediately swallow it. Was it any good?

In a society that is always pushing to be fast, quick and instant… slowing down can feel lazy and un-inspiring. But the reality is… every enjoyable experiences comes with it different levels and layers.

The smell of perfume changes when it is in the air as when it is in contact with your skin. The taste of wine changes on first contact with your taste buds and as you let it linger for a few second more

By being quick and fast… are we simply skimming the surface and denying ourselves the time and space to experience something to completion?



“People Who Are Crazy Enough To Think They Can Change The World, Are The Ones Who Do.” – Rob Siltanen


“There are many ways of going forward, but only one way of standing still.” —Franklin D. Roosevelt


Are your goals too vague and not specific enough?

Does the idea of it get your blood flowing? Does it make you want to jump out of your bed in the morning?

Your goals CAN be a great motivator.

The clearer you see it, the more likely you are to get there.

So go deep, get specific. You already have goals. Use them to it's greatest effect.

Until next week,

Caleb & Megan
Founder, SG Smart Parents Conference
Straits Times Featured Property Advisor With 12 Year Track Record


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