5-2-1 #2

Hi friends! 👋🏻

⭐️ Happy 5-2-1 Smart Thursday Ep 2!⭐️

Every Thursday, we share 5 success insights, 2 inspirations from others, and 1 question or conversation starter. 

I believe the key to success is practical wisdom, clarity & consistent action. 


Here are… 

5 Short insights, 

2 Quotes from others and 

1 Conversation starter/ question to think about this week.



💥1. “Invest in one-on-one time with your loved ones daily”

When they don’t have that positive attention, they will seek out attention in negative ways. Aim for 10-15 minutes a day at least and you’ll see measurable improvement almost immediately.


💥2. “Get serious about sleep”

A well-rested person can function better throughout the day.


💥3. “Focus on routines”

Anyone successful more often than not have a routine.
Morning routine – win the morning, win the day
Exercise routines – boost confidence & overall quality of life
Evening routines – helps set the tone for the next day


💥4. The quality of your thoughts & company determines your destiny
Thoughts become words become behavior become habits become values become your destiny and no behavior happens in isolation.


💥5. If we never learn to be love time alone, we will always feel lonely


💥6 (Bonus). Some of the best lessons came during the worst periods of my life. Keep a look out. Instead of asking, “why did it happen to me?” ask, “what has this made possible?”



“When you think life is out to bury you, remember you are a seed, planted, growing roots needed for a firm foundation to thrive.” – Caleb Leng



“when you can't win by being better, you can win by being different” – James Clear


Are you living your live by default or design?

Remember small shifts over time can create a big impact, a life by default is rarely a fulfilling life.

Until next week,

Caleb & Yvonne Megan

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