5-2-1 Impact Thursdays (Teacher's Day Special!)


5 Things You Never Knew About Your Teacher, 2 Inspiring Teacher's Quotes & 1 Question You Should Ask Your Teacher If You Get The Chance (September 2nd, 2021)


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🥳Happy 5-2-1 Impact Thursday!🥳


Teacher's Day is just around the corner and once again, one of you challenged us to write about Teachers

Well well… as usual… Challenge Accepted!


Here are 5 things you never knew about your teacher, 2 inspiring teacher's quote and 1 question you should ask your teacher if you get the chance.


🎓5 Things You Never Knew About Your Teacher🎓


They got NO annual leave. 

But they do have 10 days of urgent paid leave that can only be granted for valid, specific reasons. That's right… your Teacher can't “suka suka” take leave like you do every-time you want to “siam” work


They only enjoy HALF of the major school holidays.

The one week break in March and September as well as the first and last week of the June and December holidays are ALL taken up by meetings and preparation work.

That means if they want to go for a holiday, they usually have to pay peak period pricing!


To teach you an hour, they have to prep 2 hours. 

This is no longer the old days of reading from the textbook and doing endless worksheets. Teachers now need to up their game and create videos, slides and interactive materials to KEEP YOU engage!

Think about how many hours that is.


They need to complete 100 hours of courses every year

And they must do this OUTSIDE of their work hours. ON TOP of having to mark your work, prep your class and having to handle all the admin and CCA commitments.


Background is everything

According to the Varkey foundation, in 2018, Singaporean teachers work an average of 52 hours a week!




🎓2 Inspiring Teacher's Quotes🎓


“Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace”— Confucius


“I gave a quiz — 20 questions. Student miss 18. I put +2 on his paper and a big smiley face. He said, “Ms. Pearson, is this an F? I said “Yes.” He said, “Then why did you put a smiley face?” and I said, “Cause you are on a roll. You got two rights, you didn't miss them all. And when we review this, won't you do better? He said, “Yes madam, I can do better.” You see, -18 sucks all the life out of you. +2 says…”it ain't all bad”— Rita Pierson


The Smart Singaporean Team Wishes ALL Teachers A HAPPY TEACHERS DAY!💐


🎓1 Question You Should Ask Your Teacher If You Get The Chance🎓


What kind of a kid am I? 

As life goes on, we often forget who we are as children. 


Our boundless imagination, the wonders in our eyes and innocence in which we see the world.

Without a care in the world. Light. Happy. 

Every time you find yourself stressing up and slipping into despair, do this exercise. 

It'll help you set your mind right.


So go deep, start imagining…


Until next week!

Caleb & Yvonne Megan

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