5-2-1 Smart Thursdays #42 (Singles Day Special!)💕

5 Singles Day Idea for Parents, 2 Inspirations, 1 question (11.11.21)

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Happy 5-2-1 Impact Thursday!🌈

Here are 5 things Parents can think about on Singles day. 2 Inspiring quotes from others, and 1 conversation starter/ question to think about this week.

❤️5 Singles Day Ideas for Parents❤️


Plan Your Gifts!

PRO Tip – Plan your Christmas and 2022 gifts ideas (birthdays, baby showers etc) in advance and keep an eye out for related deals on 11.11! Chances are, you might stumble upon a good bargain or better still, use these items as fodder to allow you to reach minimum spending for cashback!


Buy In Bulk!

Buying in bulk saves CASH. This applies especially for baby essentials, which are generally more expensive (think formula milk and diapers). Other household items you can consider buying in bulk includes Pet supplies, Dispensable like (Paper towels, Toilet paper, wet wipes & tissues) and things like Rice and Pasta (Extreme long shelf-life).


Go On A Date! 

When was the last time you took your parents out for a date? Do you know a Single Parent? Have you considered taking your child out for a day? Singles day doesn't mean only Single people get to have fun! Get out there!


Do Good! 

Have you heard about the Amazon X Shop for Good Wish list campaign? This is your chance to support local non-profit organisations and their causes by purchasing items off their Amazon wish list – a depository of items they need the most!


Feast Out At Home!

Who are we kidding? There's still a full blown pandemic out there, why not just have a wonderful feast right in your home? There are massive 1 for 1 sale on all the major food platform so be sure to check them each of them out and get today's best deals!




“11.11 comes twice a day, because everyone deserves a second chance.”

– Anonymous


“Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror” – Bryon Katie



When was the last time I wrote a letter to myself?

Sometimes, we walk so far ahead, we don't stop and appreciate how much more we have become.

I have found that writing notes and letters like this for myself from time to time to remind me of what's important is a very healing exercise and warms the soul.


So go deep, get asking.

May you experience a one of a kind mail experience sometime in the distant future!




Caleb & Yvonne Megan

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