📣 5 High-Performance INSIGHTS 📣

5 high productivity insights, 2 inspirations quotes & 1 question to get you started

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Here are 5 high productivity insights I've learnt, 2 quotes from others, and 1 conversation starter/ question to think about this week.

📣 5 High Performance INSIGHTS 📣


🖥️ 1.Don't Multi-task 🖥️

You have 1 focus. Don't divide it or your productivity will become divided as well. Go on short, task-oriented sprint. Take quick breaks whenever you've completed a task. Stay Focus.


✌️2.Two Minutes Rule ✌️

According to the author of GTD (Get Things Done) – David Allen, if a task takes less than 2 mins then do it that very moment.


📦 3.Biggest Task First! 📦

If you’re a morning person, take on the biggest tasks as first thing in your day. You might not have the energy to take on those task later in on in the day.


⏰4. Audit Your Time⏰

Conduct periodic review to make sure that you are maximizing the use of your time. A small change can make a huge difference. For example… listen to an audio book while you are in traffic instead of the local radio station.


⚙️ 5.Upgrade Your Tools⚙️

I'll always remember the day I added a second screen to my computer set-up. It instantly doubled my productivity. Invest in tools and see your productivity rise as well.




Simplicity boils down to two steps: identify the essential, eliminate the rest.” – Leo Babauta


You can do anything, but not everything.” – David Allen


❓1 Question For You ❓

Are there things in your life you could be delegating away to free up your time?Every task you can delegate away means more time for yourself.So go deep, get asking. Identify what you can delegate away today.Wishing you productive days ahead.


Until next week!

Caleb & Megan
Founder, SG Smart Parents Conference
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