💼 5 Factors That Is Silently Killing Your Productivity 💼

5 Factors That Is Silently Killing Your Productivity

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You want to be productive but you can’t figure out why you can’t give your 100%. Here are 5 factors that could be silently killing your productivity and you don't even know 

💼 5 Factors That Is Silently Killing Your Productivity 💼


☢️ 1. Toxic Work Culture ☢️

Detecting little to no enthusiasm in the office? Overall pervasive fear of failure? Toxicity does not have to be super obvious to affect productivity. Learn to spot the signs!


🛋️ 2. Too Comfortable 🛋️

Productivity is like building muscles. You have to constantly work on it. Up-skilling takes effort. Complacency usually starts when you think you know everything. Your productivity can't improve if you are not growing.


📈 3. Lack of Structure & Processes 📈

Without a system in place, you could be doing double work. If your work is unpredictable, you'll find yourself spending more time clarifying things rather than working on it.


💰 4. Money Troubles 💰

Are you bringing your financial stress into the workplace? PwC conducted a survey and found that 37% of participants admit to spending three or more hours of work each week thinking about their personal finances.


🍽️ 5. Poor Diet 🍽️

Watch your intake. Consuming too much food slows you down. Breakfast might be the most important meal but if you are eating the wrong things, it can adversely affect your performance.




“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” – Bruce Lee


“Life is too complicated not to be orderly.” – Martha Stewart


❓2 Question For You ❓

Have you reached a plateau in your career? What must you do to become better? It's time to go deep and evaluate your lifestyle and work environment. Don't shy from the tough questions. Get asking. Wishing you productive days ahead.

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Caleb & Megan
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