📚5 Tips for Parents to Help Your Child Develop Effective Study Skills📚

📚5 Tips for Parents to Help Your Child Develop Effective Study Skills📚

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Here are 5 Tips for Parents to Help Your Child Develop Effective Study Skills, 2 quotes that will inspire you & 1 Question that'll get you started to think about this week.

📚5 Tips for Parents to Help Your Child Develop Effective Study Skills📚


🙋‍♂️ 1.Teach your child to ask for help🙋‍♂️

Your child needs to recognise that they need help, and then they need to know they'll be supported when they ask for it so start by teaching them to identify potential helpers. Empathise with them when they ask and set an example by showing them how YOU will do it.

❌ 2. Avoid cramming

Small amounts of study every day is better for long-term information retention than studying for long periods. Cramming is inefficient. Don't just encourage regular study breaks, teach your child the best way to take them!

🍎 3. Introduce and encourage different types of learning styles 🍏

Every child has different learning preferences and there are seven fundamental learning styles: Visual, Auditory, Verbal, Physical, Logical (mathematical), Social and Solitary. Explore and determine which your child is so they can be more effective in their studies.

🚗 4. Put your child in the driver’s seat 🚙

Let your child be in control of their own learning experience. Guide them by giving them choices. For example, in a writing project let them choose their own topic and let them be creative with what they want to write about. Suggest instead of dictate.

🧸 5. Keep Track And Play To Your Child’s Strength 🧮

An apple will never know if it taste sweet. They'll only know if someone else eat it and tells them. Kids often don’t recognise their strengths, but its going to be obvious to you, the Parent! Remind your child and foster their strength!



“You cannot make people learn. You can only provide the right conditions for learning to happen.” – Vince Gowmon


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn” – Benjamin Franklin

❓1 Question For You ❓

What changes can we make to our own life to be a living example of life-long learning to our children? It's not a secret that children models after the parent's behavior. If we want our children to be life long learners, we must exhibit the same behavior.

So dig deep and get asking…

Until next week!

Caleb & Megan
Founder, SG Smart Parents Conference
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