5-2-1: On discovery, respecting your rules an creating certainty

5-2-1 Smart Thursday #1

5 Parenting Insights, 2 inspirations, 1 question (September 30th, 2021)


1. Help Your Child Discover!

Set up activity stations in the house. “Think beads and string. Macaroni, glue and paper. Play Doh and rolling pins… Don't TELL them to do the activity. Silently lead them there and enjoy the magic (or tragedy) that happens after.

2. Be clear About Tasks & Responsibilities
This applies to spouses as much as children. Don't leave tasks to ambiguity. List them out and make sure everyone knows their individual responsibilities. This gives peace of mind to your spouse and clarity to your child. Win-Win!

3. Teach Your Child To Respect The Rules
Showing your child that rules are meant to be respected and followed will help them set their own rules and stick to them as they grow up. No overnight dishes? Enforce it. Knock before you enter? Make sure you do it yourself!

4. Claim Your Space
Especially helpful if you work from home. Explain to your kids why they must not interrupt you while you are working. This applies to yourself as well. Give them their own space and respect it

5. Schedule and Routines Create Certainty
Having a structured timeline creates certainty and helps your child establish habits. They know when to wind down and when to play and most importantly, when they can get your undivided attention.



1. Raising Kids is part joy and part guerilla warfare. – Ed Asner

2. Why don't kids understand their naps is not for them, but for us?” Alyson Hanningan



What is your perfect working from home experience?

Many of us see WFH as an adaptation.

But let's live in the present. How do we make WFH the BEST experience so that you enjoy every minute even as you work?

Do this and you will begin to see the simple things you can do to make life more enjoyable.

So dig deep, get asking.

May you relish every minute of your parenting journey, even the ups and downs.

Until next week, 
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