7 Side Hustles That Can Help You Quit Your Job

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Some people are blessed to have a job that they love. A job that keeps them motivated every single day to go to work. Unfortunately, for a large majority of people, job dissatisfaction is a common thing. Their current jobs aren’t fulfilling or giving them enough financial security to retire early. 

One of the biggest hindrances to quitting the jobs we don’t like and pursuing a career that revolves around our passion is money. If only we can find another way to pay our bills now so that we can quit our jobs sooner. So how can you make enough money now to reach financial freedom? Here are side-hustle ideas to try:

1. Real Estate Investing

If you’ve ever wondered how you can earn without having to trade your time, the answer is simple: investing in incoming producing assets. There are many ways and kinds of income-producing assets. There are stocks, online business, money markets… but if you’re looking for a good and consistent way to get started, it’s real estate. 

Look, we all have to buy our own house at some point in our life. Why not make our first purchase a good investment too?

Investors of all experience levels will find real estate investing a profitable way to earn side income while still working on their full-time jobs. In fact, if making enough passive income is your financial goal, investing in a good rental property could greatly accelerate your investment time-line.

2. Publish a Book

Do you enjoy writing? Do you think you can write for two hours a day consistently? If you said yes, then here’s another side hustle option for you: writing and publishing a book. Nowadays, anyone can write a book and make money from it. 


You don’t have to be a literary genius to make a good side-line out of it. In fact, if writing is your hobby, then this is the best additional income stream for you. There are many ways to earn money from publishing a book. Here are just some realistic ways you can do it: 


  • Write and self-publish ebooks on profitable genres in Amazon
  • Write a book, find a publisher, and earn through direct book sales or royalties
  • Write a book and self-publish on your own website 
  • Write a book then record it as an audiobook, then publish on Audible 


Writing a book is far easier today than it once was. Now that we have as many tools and ways to publish our own book just as best selling and professional authors, there’s no reason not to write that book idea that’s sitting on your computer for years.

3. Sell a Product

Buying and selling stuff on Amazon has been so convenient it has become a routine for most of us. If you want something, you just search it online and click buy, and the next day it arrives on your doorstep.


But that isn’t the only thing Amazon has changed. Selling a product also has become easier.  With drop shipping methods, you can set up an online store, sell any product you want, and ship it to your customer. The best part? You don’t even have to see or pack your product. The manufacturer does it and Amazon delivers the product to your customer. 


Using this model, you can run your business on autopilot. No need to grind or pause your business when you have too much work on your hands. A successful dropshipping business can run on its own.

4. Start Freelancing

Do you know what skills you’re good at? Thanks to the gig economy, you can now get paid for your skills. Freelancing can be a lucrative side hustle especially if you’re skilled at what you do. Whether it’s graphic design, copywriting, or voice dubbing, there’s a market for every skill and every job you want.

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Although freelancing can’t replace your full-time and secure job, it can help you gain additional income to fund your early retirement or secure money for your future. Once you’ve gained a large pool of clients, you can even quit your full-time job to work with them. Not only will you be setting your own hours and rates, but you’ll also be doing something you enjoy!

5. Start a Profitable Blog

Blogging is far from dead. In fact, it’s still a good way to make a side income. Blogs, unlike youtube channels, and social media are all about stories, in-depth stories that are worth reading. Videos and social media are more about conversations and influencing people. 


Just like starting a business or a channel on Youtube, it takes time to build your blog following. You also have to be familiar with money-making blog strategies such as affiliate marketing, Adsense, etc. 


To have a successful blog you should also create readable and exciting content. It’s important to remember that blogging isn’t easy money. Your primary goal should be to create content that your readers will love and look forward to, the money will follow once you’ve succeed on doing these two things first.

6. Sell Your Photos

Another great way to earn money is by selling your photography. Today, there are several websites that allow you to find people who will buy your photos. You can also start your own photography website where you sell your photos and offer your service to small businesses. If you consider yourself an expert at photography, you can also start teaching online. There are several websites now which allows you to create a course for beginners.

7. Create Websites and Sell Them

Perhaps you’re a web designer who excels and enjoys making websites. Now you can make money from your hobby.

Every day, hundreds of people are looking for websites to turn into money-making platforms.

Website flipping is similar to house flipping (in hundreds of other countries) where you fix a website and sell it. As a website designer, you can fix poor websites and turn them into money-making gems with huge potential for growth. 

If you want to have a profitable side-hustle, you must be ready to put in work. Starting your own business can be intimidating, but if you don’t try, you’ll never know what you can do.

At the end of the day, financial success is all about discipline, hard work, and making the best decisions.

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