9 Common Parenting Mistakes That Destroys Your Child’s Confidence & Self-Esteem

Being a parent is one of the most important and rewarding roles in life. It entails not only bringing a child into the world but navigating that child through life so that they can eventually take the reins and build a future for themselves. This makes parenting the honor of a lifetime since a child’s entire outlook on life and success in it depends on his parents. But while being a parent is fruitful, it is in no way easy.

While all parents want is the best for their child, more often than not, parents make such grave mistakes while raising their children that have profound and lasting impacts. Some parenting mistakes are so damaging that they injure a child’s confidence as well as his self-esteem. This marks the first of a series of opportunities and chances that the child is unable to grasp on account of the damage sustained.

While parents may not be aware of the mistakes they are making, the damage they delivered is unparalleled. If you’re a parent or caretaker, then this is the place for you.

In this article, we’re going to be going through the worst parenting mistakes that parents make while disciplining and raising their children.

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While punishing children is the most common strategy parents employ to get their children to behave, it is not as effective as commonly thought of. In fact, punishing children accomplishes nothing rather than instilling fear in them. Children refrain from the undesirable activity just as long as the parent or source of punishment is not around.

Physically punishing a child is the absolute worst parenting mistake to be made. The self-esteem of children shatters when violence is resorted to when disciplining them. Punishment of this type is one of the most common childhood mistakes made by parents and should be avoided completely.



A lot of parents let their mood govern the form of parenting that they are going to adopt. 

This is especially dangerous since, at times, parents display fits over the smallest of issues while letting the biggest things slide at other times. 

This is damaging to the child’s self-esteem as he perceives that the parent has no respect for him whatsoever.



This is undoubtedly one of the worst parenting mistakes, that is unfortunately very common. 


Parents often tend to compare children to their peers or other age fellows that often belong to the family. 


This is a sure way to eradicate your child’s confidence and self-esteem and ensures that they live the rest of their lives feeling inferior to others



Due to busy schedules and life passing us by, parents often tend to neglect their children when they need their parents’ support the most. 

While this may be taken as a small error that is prone to happen when parents have too much on their plate, it leaves children feeling unimportant and empty. 

Neglect is definitely one of the worst parenting mistakes that should be avoided at all costs.




Displaying aggression in front of or towards your children is one of the worst parenting mistakes, but sadly it occurs more frequently than we know. 


What this does is teach children that violence is okay and the fastest way to get what one wants. This also plays a role in taking away the child’s confidence in sharing things with you and having your support.


White Lies

Although many parents believe that lying is sometimes necessary to calm children down or live up to their expectations, what they don’t realize is that this is very dangerous. 

Since children are prone to come across the truth behind these lies almost immediately, their self-esteem and self-respect are damaged when they come to the realization that the parents they looked up to are capable of lying.

Sure, the easiest way to control a child throwing a fit at a supermarket is to promise them things that you aren’t going to fulfill, but as a parent, it is important to look at this in the long-term. Lying to your children is one of the worst parenting mistakes that parents tend to make, regardless of how young a child is. Children do not forget the examples that parents set for them.

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Hovering is also sometimes referred to as helicopter parenting. What this entails is parents being over-involved in every aspect of the child’s life, from knowing the exact number of pancake bites a child had at breakfast to having contact with each and every one of the child’s peers. Being a helicopter parent might give the parents in question much relief, but it is doing exactly the opposite for the child.

The child develops a type of dependence on his parents that slowly but surely eats away at his self-esteem. The child also develops the notion that his parents do not trust him, which is poison for confidence. While some parents think hovering is a sign of parental love, in reality, it is one of the worst parenting mistakes.


Utilizing threats to get your children to do chores or get homework might seem like a very effective method in the short-term, but the type of impact it delivers on children goes on way longer than that. 

Threatening instills fear in children and leaves no room for confidence. In fact, by repeatedly being reminded that they are weaker and in a vulnerable position, children lose their self-esteem

Being Inconsiderate

While being inconsiderate towards your children might seem like a small mistake that is bound to occur sometimes, the damage it delivers is inconceivable. Not considering your child’s feelings and perspective while making decisions that concern them or the entire family makes the child feel excluded.

Children lack self-esteem due to the notion that they are not an important part of their own lives, much less the family’s. So, being inconsiderate is one of the worst parenting mistakes that must be avoided like the plague. Children can only develop self-esteem when they feel valued and in control, treated as if their opinion matter.

Parenting can be a tough art to master, and frankly, no one has the hang of it completely. While surely parents also learn from experience, making sure that the above-mention parenting mistakes are steered clear of as much as possible.

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