How to upgrade into prime district condo with only $500 each monthly installment without touching your savings

Couple, mid 40s in their 1st BTO in Punggol for 17 years

Mr. & Mrs. Ram came to me and were looking to upgrade but unaware if they can do so. They were surprised and excited to find out that they can own a prime district condo with the hard-earned savings that they saved in the past few years.

Today the family is a happy owner & investor of highly-sought-after development in River Valley and enjoying capital appreciation.

* Names have been altered for privacy


  • Mr. & Mrs. Ram lives in their first BTO for the last 17 years.
  • Both in their 40s today.
  • Household income $12K


  • Desire to upgrade but concerned of hefty capital outlay & monthly instalment.

Current Problem

  • Sitting on paper gains.
  • Property reached its peak 7 years ago at more than 100% gain, last 6 years has dropped $100K and currently stagnant.
  • When the property pulse is flat, existing owners lose out on 5.1% combined interest.
  • Lost out on 5.1% combined interest rates in both bank & CPF monthly.

2006 - 2013 = 117% Increase

2013 - 2016 Dropped 17%

2016 - 2019 = Stagnant


  • Upon tailored financial planning, I found a solution for the family to upgrade and live in their dream home in River Valley with just $500 each per month for mortgage and without touching their savings.


  • Analysed Undervalued Property.
  • Bought in a Freehold Property at River Valley, similar price as leasehold District 3, Queenstown of the same bedroom type.
  • Financial Planning:
    – $500 each for monthly installment.
    – Savings untouch.

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Find Out If You Are Eligible To Upgrade Without Touching Your Savings!

Source:  The Smart Singaporean, Infopedia, Giphy
Produced by: Caleb Lim, Yvonne Goh, Chee Wei Zhong and Chen Li Ren