How to own 3 properties with zero cash outlay in 4 years

Couple, mid 30s with 2 kids below 7 years old looking to upgrade & invest

Mr. & Mrs. Wong came to me 4 years ago for a property review if they are eligible to upgrade at the same time plan ahead for primary registration. I created a long-term property roadmap for them that they may snowball the gains from properties and multiply assets using OPM (Other Peoples Money) strategy. All these does not require for any additional top up in terms of their cash flow monthly. Today, the family has successfully restructured into prime district with possible gain of close to $300K in last 4 years.

* Names have been altered for privacy

4 years ago (2015)

Sold 5 room Resale HDB
in Ang Mo Kio for $800K

Bought 2 Properties

1 for Own Stay

1 for Investment

Zero cash outlay
Less than $500/cash for monthly mortgage of 2 properties

4 years later, after Seller's Stamp Duty (SSD) locked in capital gain of $160k and reinvested.

With the capital gain of $160K, restructured to Prime District. Today they gain $120k for Prime District in last 11 months.

  • Cash-out Capital Gain $160k in 4 years.
  • Possibly built-in profit of close to $120k in 11 months


  • Couple in mid-30s with 2 kids below 7 years old.
  • Outgrown the number of bedrooms in HDB after 7 years.


  • To enter into prestigious primary school for their children and live in close proximity to that school.

Current Problem

  • Wanted to upgrade 2 years ago prior meeting me in 2014.
  • Was advised by another agent that they were only eligible to own a condo in the far north which is one of the lowest price tag for properties in Singapore.


  • Upon sharing with them the strategies for long term property roadmap with tailored financing planning, the family was able to fulfill their dream to live in the desired condo and enter into the school that they had dreamt of.


  • Property roadmap was strategized to buy 2 properties with zero cash outlay and less than $500 per month each.
  • Today they have locked in profit of $160k for one of the assets and upgrade into prime district without touching their savings and enjoy built-in profits close to $120k in less than 12 months.

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Source:  The Smart Singaporean, Infopedia, Giphy
Produced by: Caleb Lim, Yvonne Goh, Chee Wei Zhong and Chen Li Ren